Lunch and dinner

Lunch is served from 11:30 to 15:00.

  • Snack service
    kr. 115,-
    Local specialties with side dishes
  • Danish beef or chicken burger
    kr. 195,-
    Cheese, bacon, mayo and fries
  • Shooting star
    kr. 225,-
    Fried and steamed plaice fillet, asparagus, prawns and dressing
  • Poached cod
    kr. 235,-
    Jerusalem artichoke soup and Brussels sprouts
  • Bakskuld
    kr. 195,-
    Rye bread, remoulade and prawns
  • Steak béarnaise
    kr. 235,-
    French fries, cabbage and walnut
  • Parisian steak
    kr. 195,-
    Ground beef with beetroot, onion, capers, egg yolk and fresh salad


  • Selection of Danish cheeses
    kr. 125,-
    Green tomatoes, olives and hazelnut
  • North Sea cheese from Jernved Dairy
    kr. 95,-
    Honey, quince and sorrel
  • Apple sorbet
    kr. 95,-
    Cardamom meringue and buttermilk foam
  • Profiteroles
    kr. 105,-
    Caramel and vanilla ice cream
  • Espresso Martini
    kr. 115,-
    Mocha mousse, kahlua and white chocolate

Children's menus

Served both for lunch and dinner.

  • French fries
    kr. 55,-
    Remoulade and ketchup
  • Fish fillet
    kr. 85,-
    French fries, lemon, vegetables, remoulade and ketchup
  • Red sausages
    kr. 75,-
    French fries, vegetables, remoulade and ketchup
  • Spaghetti
    kr. 75,-
    Meat sauce, vegetables and ketchup
  • Chicken breast
    kr. 80,-
    French fries, vegetables, remoulade and ketchup
  • Children's ice cream dessert
    kr. 65,-
    Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream
Allergens and other caveats:

Staff can provide information and guidance on allergens, vegetarian dishes and special diets.

Fresh ingredients

We choose the ingredients that taste best at different times of the year.

Down to earth

Our dishes are creatively composed with respect for old traditions and with good taste at the center

Friendly staff

We believe that a smile on your face makes for a better experience.